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Ships Inn Museum


2017 - Cole Porter Piano

2016- Closed for Renovations

2015 - George Blanchard Richardson

2014 - BIHS Walking Tour

2013 - BIVC Centennial 

2012 - The Island Store

2011- Working on Bustins

History of Store Ownership - From Sue Spaulding's search at the  Registry of Deeds

Beginning  - Merrills (several of them) owned it at first

1903  - Merrills conveyed it to Arthur Mitchell

1903 - Arthur Mitchell conveyed it to Una Wilson

1916 - Una Wilson conveyed it to Herbert Cole

1928 - Herbert Cole conveyed it to Eugene Smoker and Harold Sawyer

1952 - Harold Sawyer conveyed his part to Eugene Smoker

1960 - Eugene Smoker conveyed it to Clyde and Dorothy Campbell

1966 - Campbells conveyed it to Garfield Drew

1968 - Garfield Drew conveyed it to the BIVC

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